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Indian Idol season 6 Final 16 selected contestants profile

At last theatre round and piano round of Indian idol season 6 is over and now there are 15 final contestants who will performing in front of audience and finally one will be Indian Idol season 6. Here are brief details about the selected 15 contestants of Indian Idol season 6.

Indian Idol season 6 - Selected contestants from Delhi Audition

Indian Idol season 6 is now gaining momentum as the talented singers across the Country are being selected to comt to Mumbai for next round. As usual Delhi audition gave several good singers. Here are the details of selected contestants from Delhi audition of Indian Idol 6.

Indian Idol 6, 2012 registration rules and eligibility criteria

Registration for Indian Idol 6, 2012 is on and there are some rules and regulation for participating in Indian Idol 6. There are some changes in rules and eligibility criteria. The eligibility required for Indian Idol 6, 2012 is given in this article.
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