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    Anna Hazare the Gandhi 2 in the making ?

    Anna Hazare the Gandhi 2 in the making ?

    A LITTLE progress every day leads to a BIG result one day...may be tomorrow
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    Hello Ankur gupta,

    You have started avery nice topic here for discussion.Everybody should take part in this discussion about the man, who is taking a very big responsibility on his shoulders to free this country of corruption. The least we can do is write about him and create awareness about what he is doing.


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    Anna Hazare is doing a great job. It is something who many people in the world cannot even dream of. He has made people realise the importance of being honest and the worst effects of being corrupt. Anna is a great man and is pursuing a highly commendable path of revolution.
    However, as per my views comparing him to Gandhiji is not appropriate. There can only be one Gandhiji in this world. No one in this world, regardless of time or space can ever become like the Great Soul, Mahatma Gandhi.

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    Anna is great. But all the polititions are not bad, some of them are very good. According to me corrupt polititions should treated like a murderer and should be hanged.
    Narender Sharma.

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    Dear Ankur,
    You have started a nice topic here.
    Yes, to some extent you are right the Anna Hazare the Ganghi 2 in the making. Gandhiji fought for freedom with the tool of Ahimsa Non-violence, Satya Girah Hunger Strike. He was successful in getting the freedom and same proven tools are being used by Anna to make India corruption free.
    Gandhiji was influence by the battle of Karbala where Imam Hussain (AS) the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) use this tool against the tyrant rule of the then king. Imam Hussain had only 72 men with him against the large army of 1 lakh, Still he won the battle and Gandhiji said while he started his Dandi March, "I am influence by Imam Hussain (AS) who took 72 men to fight against the tyrant ruler, and here I am starting this march with 72 men only. This was the first ever move of Gandhiji against the British rule.
    This is a prove fact that this will never backfire but there can be some delay.


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